Professional Liability Claims

Prosecuting Claims for Professional Malpractice Victims

Our firm prosecutes claims for clients who have been the victims of professional malpractice, meaning negligence in providing professional services. Professional liability claims can be challenging to pursue because of the complexity of the underlying issues and the expense required to marshal evidence needed to prove such claims.

What Makes These Cases So Complex?

These cases typically require the extensive use of expert witnesses who can identify how the professional violated his or her duty to the client. Cases that are pursued may take a long time to resolve if the professional accused of malpractice is unwilling to admit that a mistake occurred. When claims must be filed in a court or other tribunal, compliance with applicable law and unique procedural rules is vital so that claims can be presented in a fair and timely manner.

Trust the Experts With Your Claims

A thorough understanding of insurance law is often integral to a successful recovery for professional liability claims. Claims must be properly presented to applicable insurers in a timely manner and framed to maximize insurance coverage.

Claims of this nature require a seasoned and knowledgeable litigator like Mr. Turner who has the experience needed to bring such cases to a successful conclusion. The firm has successfully prosecuted claims for medical malpractice, attorney malpractice and appraisal malpractice, as well as claims against corporate directors and officers who have failed to act in compliance with legal standards for their industry.

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