Creditors' Rights and Bankruptcy

Creditors' Rights

Almost all businesses face unpaid loans and breached contracts at some point in time. Clients trust the Creditors' Rights attorneys at SWTW to minimize the financial, personal, and long-term impact of debtors that are unable or unwilling to meet their obligations.

Our Creditors' Rights practice has a strong record of success in protecting the interests of clients in the bankruptcy context, as well as in non-bankruptcy matters such as workouts, modifications, foreclosures, and state and federal litigation. We distinguish ourselves from other firms by our ability to quickly analyze all issues facing a creditor in a particular situation, such as:

  • Jurisdictional legal constraints
  • Value of collateral
  • Competing security interests and claim priority
  • Potential impact on other business partners

We then weigh all options against the cost to the client and determine a strategy to produce the best outcome.

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The best protection often comes from taking the right steps early in the process.

Representing Creditors in Bankruptcy and Other Legal Proceedings

Our experience is extensive and includes work in numerous industries including healthcare, real estate, banking, communications, construction, and retail. We've represented debtors-in-possession, trustees, businesses, and individuals in:

  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
  • Preference actions
  • Fraudulent conveyance litigation
  • Actions to lift the Automatic Stay
  • Receivership proceedings
  • Lien avoidance challenges
  • Actions on notes and guarantees
  • Commercial foreclosures
  • Loan enforcement and modifications
  • Federal and State contract litigation

If you or your business is facing an issue involving the repayment of money, contact the experienced creditors' rights attorneys at Schulten Ward Turner & Weiss, LLP.

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