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Estate Planning & Probate Avoidance Strategies

Legal Representation for Estate Planning Matters

The experienced legal team at SWTW handles the creation, modification, and preservation of complex estate plans for business owners and high net worth individuals. Success in this area is dependent upon an in-depth knowledge of federal, state, and even local laws and regulations. Equally as important, however, is a true understanding of the client's financial situation and family relationships as well as their goals for what should happen to their assets (and liabilities) upon death. This is an important point. Goals vary significantly from client to client. Sometimes they involve asset protection, tax liability reduction, or avoiding probate altogether. In other cases, objectives include reducing the potential for family disputes or prolonged litigation. And in others, the goal is to leave a legacy, perhaps to a favorite charitable organization or educational institution.

Regardless of the complexity or nuances of your wishes, the experienced team of estate planning and tax attorneys at SWTW are ready and able to help.

Common Estate Planning Documents and Instruments

Once our team completes the information gathering process, we will get to work on preparing your documents as well as take any required steps to ensure property is in the right order. For example, if transfers or changes in ownership structure are necessary, we facilitate those transactions according to the law. This may apply to real estate, investment or banking accounts, intellectual property rights, or any number of assets under your ownership or control. Documents will then be created, reviewed, revised, executed, and placed in safe keeping, the most common of which include:

· Will

· Durable Power of Attorney

· Living Will aka Advance Healthcare Directive aka Medical Directive

· Trust - Revocable or Irrevocable

· Funeral and Remains Designation

These documents protect assets, provide clear instructions about your wishes, and help organize what can otherwise be a confusing and time-consuming process. They also provide for ways to address more complex issues such as continued care for minor children, disabled adults and elderly dependents, or issues impacted by business ownership and operations. What you can be assured of is that our experienced estate planning legal team will leave nothing to chance, and put in place the strongest possible plan to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Contact the Experienced Estate Planning Team at SWTW

If you are considering the creation of an estate plan, please contact our office today. All information you provide is strictly confidential, even if you choose not to hire our firm. Our discussion will leave you with all the options available to you and set forth the next best steps to take for protecting your family and honoring your legacy and wishes. For many, having their loved one take the time and effort to create a sound and detailed estate plan is one of the greatest gifts they receive, especially during a time often filled with grief and uncertainty. We look forward to talking with you soon.

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