Should You Hire an Atlanta Contract Dispute Lawyer?

When a dispute between business partners over the contract terms or a breach of contract occurs, a business can suffer until the dispute is resolved. This is something that most business owners know all too well.

Contract disputes can be devastating and ruin the chance of success of a business. So it may be best to reach out to professional contract dispute attorneys as soon as they arise.

Atlanta breach of contract lawyers at Schulten Ward Turner & Weiss, LLP are ready to help you.

How Do Contract Disputes Work?

Contract disputes typically arise if one party of a business contract believes the other party is not holding up their end of the deal, causing them a financial loss or other damage.

Since almost all aspects of businesses involve contracts, the extent of possible disputes is broad. It can include fraudulent business practices, franchise law disputes, breach of lease contracts, and employment disputes.

Businesses can also face an Atlanta breach of contract or unpaid loans from debtors who cannot meet their obligations. If you are among them, our contract attorneys can help protect creditors' rights and minimize the consequences.

What Is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Not all business disputes proceed to court to be resolved by a judge or a jury. Often, parties may be able to negotiate a resolution that avoids the risk, uncertainty, and financial expenses of a court process. This type of resolution is called an alternative dispute resolution (ADR). In general, it occurs when an independent third party is used to help resolve a business dispute and reach a mutual agreement.

Mediation and arbitration are considered the most common types of ADR. The main difference is whether or not the agreement reached is binding. Mediation involves a mediator facilitating a discussion and guiding the parties towards dispute resolution. But, this type of resolution is not binding. On the other hand, arbitration is a binding form of resolving disputes outside of court.

How Can Our Georgia Contract Dispute Attorneys Help

Although contract disputes don't have to result in lawsuits and court processes, it is wise to retain a breach of contract lawyer. A contract dispute case can involve much more than what is written in the contract.

Everything that led to the dispute, or even the creation of the contract, may have to be examined to pinpoint the problem more efficiently, including copies of emails, texts, or even conference logs.

Also, since the company's reputation may be at stake, it can be wise to be cautious and not talk to the breaching party without the presence of your attorney.

Judges, attorneys, and clients throughout the State of Georgia highly regard Schulten Ward Turner & Weiss, LLP's mediation, arbitration, and contract dispute services. With experienced Neutrals registered with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution (GODR), our team recognizes the need to resolve disputes outside the courtroom and avoid lengthy and costly litigation.

What Sets Schulten Ward Turner & Weiss, LLP Apart

Attorneys and their clients trust SWTW's contract dispute practice not only because of its strong track record of positive results but also because we understand the alternative contract dispute resolution process and its foundation in voluntariness, informed consent, confidentiality, and a commitment to reaching a resolution that is acceptable to all parties.

Our Atlanta business attorneys bring the best of both formal ADR education, training, and strong private practice experience to each case.

We have been delivering top-notch legal representation to our clients since 1986, and client testimonials can confirm that. Our attorneys have an average of over 18 years of experience, which results in well over a century of combined legal experience in business law issues.

If you have more questions regarding contract dispute cases, call our law firm at (855) 202-9938, and let's discuss how to protect your business interests.

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