White Collar & High Profile Defense

Noted Atlanta defense attorney Steven Sadow has teamed up with Schulten Ward Turner & Weiss, LLP, as special counsel for white collar and high profile defense matters. Steven has combined his defense expertise with the firm's high-powered civil litigation section.

Lawyers Who Have Devoted Their Careers to Defending the Accused

Through this practice section, we hope to reverse the perception that business-related defense work can only be done by ex-prosecutors. White collar and high profile clients need representation by lawyers who have devoted their careers to defending the accused, not by lawyers whose career experience consists of trying to take away the freedom and liberty of individuals.

Our firm objective has always been to get to know our clients and their issues on an individualized basis. Steven Sadow builds on our reputation for loyalty and trust that is about solutions, not hourly-billing and legal fees.

Aggressively Protecting the Interests of Our Clients

Steven Sadow, who is recognized in Best Lawyers in America in the areas of white collar and non-white collar criminal defense, empowers SWTW to not only guide its clients through the criminal process, utilizing creative strategies and successful execution in trial or settlement, but also allows SWTW to render immediate, on-the-go expert advice when clients are confronted with emergency situations.

Steven has been a defense attorney for more than a quarter of a century and has never been a prosecutor. He embodies the firm's approach to representation: Our "stand up and fight" philosophy meshes perfectly with his courtroom reputation. Both SWTW and Steven believe in aggressively protecting the interests of our clients against all potential adversaries, and we intend to do the same in serving corporations and executives facing potential white collar problems.

Large-Firm Quality Representation

Delivered By a "Boutique" Firm

This alliance gives SWTW the defense capability usually associated with a large law firm, uniquely combined with the cost-efficiency, versatility and trial-tested know-how of a true litigation firm. To us, this means large-firm quality representation delivered by a "boutique" firm.

With Steven heading this section, there is no litigation firm, big or small, more committed to client needs or more knowledgeable about the white collar and high profile defense process than Schulten Ward Turner & Weiss, LLP.

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